Enterprise Archive Migration

Transfer your data efficiently and securely while maintaining full chain-of-custody with Prime Force's Enterprise Archive Migration Solution. Designed for businesses handling critical content—from client data to product information—our solution revolutionizes how enterprises streamline, simplify, and consolidate their content silos.

Achieve significant operational cost reductions with our smart, industry-proven approach. Scalable, SAP certified, and cloud-native, Prime Force´s Enterprise Archive Migration Solution features an extensive Content Services Platform (CSP) equipped with powerful migration, ingestion, and retention capabilities. Forget about number of users, storage sizes or number of documents. Migrate existing legacy archives in a phased approach without the need to change the content location by interfacing any storage type. 


Significant Cost Reduction

Seamlessly migrate more than a billion documents. Whether your archive contains gigabytes or terabytes of information, the pricing remains unaffected. Simplify your budget planning by forgetting about subscriptions, licenses, number of users, storage size or document count. 

Transparency, Flexibility and Longevity for your Content

Thanks to the use of an open-source software stack, we can ensure data integrity and accessibility over long periods –more than 10 years– and adapt the solution at any time to suit your always evolving needs. Keep using your preferred tools and applications to retrieve data from the archive, thanks to the use of an open API.

Seamless Legacy Data Transition

During the archive migration process, all annotations, comments, and redactions associated with legacy data are preserved. The new archive system will continue to support these critical elements, so you can access historical context, discussions, and redacted content in the new environment.

Superior Data Governance and Security

Avoid all the risks associated with big-bang migrations, with a phased approach. Silent migration allows for ongoing critical business operations to continue with minimal disruption and prevents issues such as downtime or data loss. Addressing the paramount concerns of today's digital landscape, our platform comes equipped with Standard Content Services Platform (CSP) Features for retention, permission, relations, etc., ensuring your data's security and interaction.

Facilitated Collaboration

Manage diverse workgroups with tenant and role-based permissions, integrated smoothly into your cloud infrastructure. 

Storage Independence and Seamless Integration

Leave time-consuming document migrations in the past, leverage your existing storage investments. Prime Force Enterprise Archive Migration solution interacts with your archives, regardless of their storage location. And, as an API-first platform, it integrates with other services, applications, and data sources, allowing systems to scale by handling increased requests without major changes.

Who Can Benefit from This Solution?

This solution is designed for:

  • Organizations currently employing one or multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) like Documentum, FileNet, IBM, OpenText, SER...
  • Entities grappling with elevated maintenance fees for existing ECM/DMS platforms or confronting an End of Life (EOL) scenario.
  • Enterprises aiming to streamline operations, diminish complexity, and curtail internal expenses.
  • Businesses running legacy ECM/DMS systems with restricted new features, obsolete product stacks, or outdated user interfaces.
  • Corporations seeking a cloud-native, low-code, and open-source Content Services Platform (CSP) proficient in handling substantial volumes.
  • Companies in search of an experienced Hyland|Nuxeo partner to elevate their content management capabilities.

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