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What awaits you:

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of marketing and content creation? You love to think around corners and search for new solutions.  You feel comfortable in agile teams and surrounded by the most modern tech stack.  Then apply to one of the most inspiring IT companies in Europe. With Us in Riga! 

Join our team and embark on a journey filled with exciting projects in a global setting. As a Marketing / Content Specialist, you thrive on exploring innovative ideas and crafting compelling solutions. Your creativity knows no bounds as you navigate through diverse challenges. 

In our vibrant environment, you'll find yourself collaborating seamlessly within agile teams, leveraging the latest technological advancements to achieve excellence. We cherish professionals who take ownership of their tasks while fostering collaboration across departments. 

As a Marketing / Content Specialist, your role is pivotal in our fast-paced industry. A growth mindset and a passion for embracing new trends and technologies are indispensable. We seek candidates who possess a genuine eagerness to learn, adapt, and refine their skills continually. Moreover, we value individuals who exhibit a thirst for knowledge, eagerly embracing emerging technologies and industry trends. 

Flexibility and a willingness to travel are also essential aspects of ensuring the seamless execution and triumph of our projects. Ready to make your mark in the world of marketing and content creation? Join us and be part of our inspiring journey toward innovation and success.

We look forward to:

  • Proficiency in Latvian and English (Russian/German proficiency is a plus)
  • Demonstrating a strong customer orientation with exceptional sociability, communication, and presentation skills, especially for engaging with key users and C-Level executives.
  • Proven track record in catering to the needs of large enterprises.
  • Possession of a creative mindset, coupled with the ability to generate innovative ideas and craft compelling content. 
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in content writing across various platforms. 
  • Demonstrating interest in state-of-the-art technology topics. 
  • Ability to adapt swiftly to changing topics and evolving trends.

Your benefits:

  • Local & international events for employees 
  • Projects with international companies 
  • Flexible working hours & remote work 
  • Focus on individual training and development
  • Freely choose your working tools and devices 
  • Work in nice offices and remotely
  • Smartphone & Laptop 
  • An attractive salary 
  • Individual training and certifications 
  • The chance to take on responsibility and actively shape growth in a dynamic company

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